In "Unchurched" Oregon, Ecumenism Thrives

February 18, 2004

Source: The Oregonian

On February 18, 2004 The Oregonian reported, "Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, a statewide partnership of 17 Christian denominations -- Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic -- is today celebrating 30 years of talking and working together... In the 21st century, in a Western state that shares a reputation for being largely 'unchurched,' ecumenism is still thriving. New efforts arise -- the Lane Institute for Faith Education in Lane County and Northwest Portland Ministries are just two examples -- and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon is still going strong... They have opened up their ecumenical dialogue, creating interfaith conversations about peace, justice, hunger and housing that include Oregonians from outside the Christian tradition: Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and others."

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