Ultra-Orthodox Youth Stabs Three at Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

June 30, 2005

Source: The Jerusalem Post


On June 30, 2005 The Jerusalem Post reported, "What started off as a lively parade of nearly 5,000 Gay Pride activists quickly turned violent Thursday as three young marchers were stabbed by ultra-religious protestors of the parade.

Witnesses said they saw a young, ultra-Orthodox youth dart into the crowd of marchers and stab a young man and woman... The three victims were taken to Bikur Holim Hospital in the city center and were listed in stable condition by paramedics on the scene.

Police said they had detained one young man in connection to the stabbing and were searching for others who may have been involved. Police also arrested 13 religious Jews who attempted to block the parade's path as it turned onto King George Street... Several protestors threw bottles of urine and bags of feces into the crowd, while others yelled 'shame' at the passing marchers. A large cluster of ultra-Orthodox counter protestors gathered in front of the Great Synagogue bearing signs which read: 'People with AIDS belong in hospitals' and 'Homosexuality is a sickness'... Several women of the new organization 'Lesbian Religious Females' [spoke of feelings of alientation from their communities]. 'It's not easy to be gay and part of a group that doesn't approve,' said one of the females in the group. 'Whether you are Palestinian or a religious Jewish female, it's equally hard to not be accepted by your peers.'"