UK Muslims Back Police in Bomb Probe

June 30, 2007

Author: Ahmad Maher


CAIRO — The Muslim umbrella group in Britain urged Saturday, June 30, all Britons, including Muslims, to fully cooperate with police in their massive manhunt for those behind a foiled double bomb attack in London.

"Those criminals must be brought to justice," Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) Daud Abdullah told over the phone from London.

Abdullah said the best advice to community is to allow the process of law to take its due course.

"Let's avoid presumptions...Let's wait and see; there is little we can say about that," he added.

"Such incidents create tensions and suspicions," he said when asked whether Muslim extremists might be behind the attacks. "Let's not create a hypothetical can be the work of Muslims, Christians, Jews or Buddhists."

He called the thwarted attacks a "threat to all Britons."