UC Berkeley Opens New Buddhist Studies Center

February 11, 2005

Source: Hernando Today


On February 11, 2005 the Hernando Today reported, "Buddhism's New Age-type appeal has launched literally hundreds of self-help books, scores of films, and captured the imagination of more than a few Hollywood superstars. But do popular notions of Buddhism conform to what scholars know about the religion as it has been practiced in Asia? According to Robert Sharf, the director of the University of California, Berkeley's new Center for Buddhist Studies, the answer is straightforward: No. Sharf would like to do something about this. Through the new center, he hopes to hold not only scholarly symposia in which academics from around the world share and discuss their latest research, but also host events designed to reach a lay audience. The center's 'Speaking for the Buddha? -- Buddhism and the Media' conference that took place this week reflects that effort."