Tzu Chi Buddhists Spread Goodwill From Highland Heights Church

March 6, 2010

Author: Jeff Piorkowski

Source: Sun Messenger

The year was 1966 when a young Taiwanese woman practicing Buddhism taught compassion and the serving of others in that Far East country.

Before long, she had acquired a group of 30 housewives as followers. Without means to fully serve those around her, that woman, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, asked for two cents a day from her followers’ grocery money to help families in the community.

“The followers asked, ‘Why not just give $5 at one time?’” said Vivien Liu, one of the master’s current day followers, in picking up the story. “The master said it was important that they give every day to think about giving every day.”

From those humble beginnings the Tzu Chi Buddhist organization was formed. Today, it has more than six million members worldwide, including about 120 who practice their service in Highland Heights.