TV Series Covers Touchy Subject of Interfaith Relationships

October 18, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Institute for War and Peace Reporting

A recent TV series has broken taboos by tackling the sensitive topic of Christian-Muslim relationships in Syria.

“Not a Mirage” was a mini-series shown during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which this year coincided with September. The drama, focusing on the secret marriage of a Muslim man and a Christian woman, both from conservative religious backgrounds, was controversial and won a large viewership.

When the couple’s marriage is discovered, both communities shun them. The Christian wife is unable to handle the pressure and leaves her husband, who dies shortly afterwards.

The groundbreaking subject matter – religious tensions as well as interfaith marriage – has not previously been discussed in this open manner, and the TV series has led Syrians to debate these things.

Series director Subh al-Muthanna said he wanted to expose “some ugly flaws” in Syrian society which “we have to work on”.

“If the show touched on some sensitive issues, it doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “What matters to me is showing this problem which is suffered by Syrian individuals, and the extent to which society treats them unjustly.”