Turbaned Sikh Denied Entry in Restaurant in Canada

May 4, 2007

Source: The Times of India


TORONTO: A Canadian Sikh was allegedly denied entry to a restaurant in Toronto because of his religious headgear, sparking off an international campaign to ensure justice to him.

Gaurav Singh, an employee of a multi-national bank, "a proud turban-wearing Sikh," was looking forward to a fun night with friends on the weekend when he was allegedly refused entry to Marlowe Restaurant and Wine Bar.

A friend of Singh posted a letter detailing the incident on Facebook, inadvertently launching an international campaign of support with hundreds of online responses to his plight from as far away as India, the UK and the US.

Singh sent copies of the letter to Marlowe Restaurant, the upscale eatery that is at the centre of the controversy, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Sikh American Legal Defence and Education Fund and Navdeep Bains, Member of Parliament, media reports said.