Turban-Wearing Women Buck Trend

July 26, 2010

Author: Raveena Aulakh

Source: The Toronto Star


Sometimes she is in the subway when someone pops the question. Other times she is in a fast food lineup. Once she was watching a movie in a theatre when a man came up and whispered: “Why do you wear a turban?”

Mandeep Kaur Uppal quickly took him outside and explained that she is a Sikh and wearing a turban is a part of her religion.

“I’m never annoyed because I want people to know why I wear it and how important it is for me.”

At a time when many young Sikh men are cutting their hair in a desperate bid to assimilate, Uppal, 28, is among a small but growing number of Sikh women in the Greater Toronto Area who wear the turban.