Turban Day Celebrations In Rome, Italy

May 4, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet


It was a moment of wonderful feeling of sharing the cultural heritage in one of the reputed universities in Rome, Italy when on 28th April 2009, an occasion on Turban was marked to bring awareness on the cultural heritage from the region of Punjab, India. The day started with incessant rain which was thought to be a mood spoiler but it proved out to be blessing in disguise as the original open location was shifted to one of the largest rooms of the University at Viale Romania. Luiss Guido Carli is a famous international university of Rome where students from many different corners of the world come to attend undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses. It is also one of the most expensive universities known for its superb state-of-the-art facilities for its students.

Turban Day event was basically a five-hour event and was the first time that such an event was organised in an Italian university, it became one of the largest crowd puller owing to the interesting picture portraits by famous Italian photographer Alessandro Marongiue was adorned on the some of the walls of university. People started peeping from the windows and doors to know what is happening, which made them curious for the love for turban.

It saw participation of hundreds of students and at least 21 students got a chance to wear the crown of turban. There was much excitement among them as very few people know about it and there was a large queue of seekers. The remarkable event was supported with light spiritual music which soaked the environment with a feeling of bliss and harmony. The students were seen rejoicing. The message of universal togetherness in diversity was shared among them and they got a taste of cultural activities from the East. It seems like perfect blend of the East and the West.