Tulsa Interfaith Alliance Holds Forum on Religion in Public Schools

September 27, 2005

Source: KOTV.com


On September 27, 2005 KOTV.com reported, "Tulsa's Interfaith Alliance hosted a public forum on the role of religion in public schools. The alliance put together a panel of spiritual and school leaders. About 100 people attended the forum. They discussed everything from prayer at school to evolution versus creationism. And everyone had an opinion. Dave Zucconi [said], 'I don’t see much place for religion in the public school curriculums.' Dr Tom Gray with Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church [responded], 'But I’m also deeply opposed to a public square and schools that are devoid of faith. I think it denies our heritage. I don’t think it reflects our culture and it removes something very important'... The forum was designed to encourage discussions about religion in schools before issues come up instead of after."