Tularosa Home to New Buddhist Center

April 6, 2007

Author: S. Derrickson Moore

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Alamogordo Daily News


TULAROSA, New Mexico (USA) -- It's the kind of rustic, hand-lettered sign you often see in the rural West, giving notice of a cattle crossing or the name of an isolated ranch. This sign offers directions "To the Buddhafield of Infinite Appearance."

It's just one indication of a growing presence of Tibetan interests in the rural New Mexican town of Tularosa, which is on track to become one of the world's leading centers of Tibetan culture and healing traditions.

Buddhists already come from El Paso, Las Cruces, Ruidoso, Alamogordo and the surrounding region to attend weekly practice, which includes meditation, lectures and social gatherings, at Orgyen Choling Tibetan Buddhist Center, 218 Schoeller Place in Tularosa. The center was established in 2004.

Plans are underway for a monastery and a "Tibetan village" showcasing the architecture and culture of an ancient civilization.