Tsunami Relief Work Stalled by Row between Hindu and Christian Groups

May 24, 2005

Source: BBC News


On May 24, 2005 BBC News reported, "Five months after the tsunami hit the southern coast of India, relief work has stalled in the southern state of Kerala after a row between Hindu and Christian groups. Right-wing Hindu groups are angry at the local administration for allowing Christian organisations to participate in the reconstruction of homes for the tsunami victims. They allege that the church is using relief programmes as a vehicle for converting Hindus, a charge that has been denied...The Hindu Aikyavedi group says it is connected to India's oldest Hindu organisation, the RSS... 'Christian missionaries and organisations connected with the local Church are converting Hindus in the garb of providing tsunami relief,' [its leader Kummanam Rajashekhar says.] But the local administrator, B Srinivas, rejected this charge. 'We have thoroughly investigated the claim and found the claim to be baseless,' he said."