Troy Mayors Caught in Recall Effort

May 23, 2005

Source: The Detroit News

On May 23, 2005 The Detroit News reported, "the National Day of Prayer, designed to bring people together, continues to divide Troy after a citizens' group filed recall petitions against two top city officials over the way they handled the event. And there appears to be no end to the prayer day controversy: A resident has already reserved the city's prime gathering spot for next year's National Day of Prayer on May 4 -- but he isn't part of the event. Troy Mayor Louise Schilling and Mayor Pro Tem Robin Beltramini are the targets of a recall started by Wendee Rex, the president of the newly formed Troy Committee to Protect Free Speech. The two officials openly opposed the Christian-only Day of Prayer event in favor of one that included people of many religions... The recall effort is the latest in a series of high-tension issues playing out in Troy. The National Day of Prayer pitted Christians against members of other faiths who wanted to be included in the event; the city has also been embroiled in rancorous discussions over a proposed Interstate 75 interchange at Long Lake Road that the council approved in the face of vocal opposition, and an ill-fated attempt to build a minor-league baseball stadium."