Transit Authority's Crackdown on Headgear Not Consistent

March 15, 2005

Source: New York Daily News

On March 15, 2005 the New York Daily News reported, "the Transit Authority may be cracking down on workers wearing turbans, but the agency is ignoring secular headgear - everything from Russian-style winter hats to Mets caps to do-rags, a federal survey has found. Conducting surveillance at subway stations, bus stops and terminals, the Justice Department, which has accused the TA of discrimination, spotted 208 TA employees blatantly violating dress-code regulations, the Daily News has learned. The offenders wore hats that were not issued by the TA and lacked the agency logo. The TA, meanwhile, has penalized a Sikh worker who wears turbans and Muslim employees clad in head scarves called khimars."