On the Trail of the Sikh Heritage

September 30, 2008

Author: Harbinder Singh

Source: BBC News


The aim of the Scottish Sikh Heritage Trail is to highlight the close historical connection between the Scots and Sikhs, of which most of the general public are unaware.

The Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail has been running successfully in England since 2004, so we felt it was a natural progression to extend it to Scotland.

Scotland has a long-established Sikh community, beginning with colonial India.

The East India company and the British administration employed lots of Scottish administrators - Lord Dalhousie, Lord Harding and others.

As a result of the annexation of the Punjab in 1854 there was a great flow of Scotsmen into the region.

The largely unknown but amazing historical interplay between Sikhs and Scotland is further shown when Maharajah Duleep Singh moved to Britain in 1854 and took up residence at the Grandtully estate in Perthshire.

He became a highly-respected member of society in the process, where he was known locally as the 'Black Prince of Perthshire.

Momentous period

We felt that it was time to showcase the historic links we share with the Scottish people.