Town Hall Meetings Planned by the Muslim American Society Inter-Religious Society for 9/11

September 1, 2006

Source: Muslim American Society Press Release

On September 1, 2006 a Muslim American Society Press Release reported, "As you consider coverage for the fifth anniversary of 9/11, we offer a different story; one without the falling towers, without the pictures of the damaged Pentagon. Join the Muslim American Society (MAS) for a town hall meeting and discussion. We offer a story of people fighting against the current, spreading the good news of interfaith, of connecting across racial boundaries; a story of hope from a grassroots level. This presentation by the MAS will be one of the first examples of major Muslim leadership in the interfaith movement, empowering those battling against the current, and encouraging cross-cultural conversations. The Emmy-nominated video documentary 'Ties that Bind' brought together nearly 4,000 people from different cultures and religions to explore their common ground, concentrating on the ties that bind them, not those that tear them apart. The Muslim American Society Inter-Religious Center, in partnership with Artistic Circles (the video’s creator), will hold town hall meetings in which excerpts of the documentary will be shown and used as a discussion aide. At the same time, many public television stations will air the full documentary across the country on or around the fifth anniversary of 9/11. The documentary highlights the conversations of seven women religious leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths as they share their worship, arts and social service activities, and talk about everything from fear to the role of art, from 9/11 to interfaith community building."