Tour of Baha'i Center Part of 'Sacred Space' Interfaith Tours

May 6, 2006

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

On May 6, 2006 the Los Angeles Daily News reported, "In the spirit of one of their practices - the independent investigation of truth - members of the Bahá'i faith will lead a tour Sunday of the Bahá'i Faith Center. The evening is the latest in a series of 'sacred space' tours and conversations with members of a designated faith that have been arranged by the interfaith relations committee of Valley Interfaith Council. Past tours have included an Islamic center and a Sikh temple... It's easy to sum up the Bahá'i faith, said Folb: the oneness of God, the oneness of mankind and the oneness of religion... Mirza Husayn Ali, a Persian who came to be known as Bah 'u'll h, 'Glory of God,' founded the Bahá'i faith in the mid-1800s. Bah 'u'll h was a prolific writer and his Kit b al-Aqdas, 'The Most Holy Book,' is the main sacred writing of the Bahá'i faith. There are close to 6 million Bahá'is worldwide, with an estimated 150,000 adherents in the United States. India has the largest Bahá'i community, more than 2 million. Iran, where Bahá'is have been persecuted for their faith, comes in second with an estimate of 350,000. The Bahá'i faith is the second most widespread faith, after Christianity, in countries around the world."