Toronto's Best-Known Imam Advocates for Fair Trial for Men Accused of Terrorism

June 12, 2006

Source: The Chronicle Herald

On June 12, 2006 The Chronicle Herald reported, "When Canada’s most quoted and often controversial imam, Ally Hindy, appeared at the Brampton courthouse this past weekend to support the group police describe as a homegrown terrorism cell, few were surprised. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, and with Canada’s focus on terrorism, Hindy has either known, or involved himself with, virtually every high-profile Canadian accused of terrorism offences. He has also been one of the most vocal critics of Canada’s spy service and the RCMP — the federal agencies that investigated the alleged cell of 17 people who were arrested last weekend as part of a massive police raid. Hindy claims police and the spies unfairly target Muslims, and that their invasive tactics have dissuaded many in the community from co-operating with federal authorities. He said he feels it’s his duty to ensure suspects get a fair trial."

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