Tony Blair's Faith In New Mission

April 13, 2009

Author: Christopher Landau

Source: BBC News

As prime minister, he famously "didn't do God" but, having left office, Tony Blair is travelling the world to launch his new Faith Foundation. The BBC has had exclusive access to the foundation's early work.

On a cold winter's day in New Haven, Connecticut, Tony Blair is preparing for a new challenge – teaching.

His new inter-faith foundation has linked with Yale University and launched a new course, on Faith and Globalisation.

As we walk to the seminar, surrounded by photographers and tight security, the former prime minister tells me why he has entered the classroom:

"If globalisation is a force pushing people together, does religion become a force pulling people apart?

"In the light of what's going on in the world, they are important themes to explore."

In front of 25 handpicked students from diverse religious backgrounds, Mr Blair leads discussions about the complex dilemmas politicians face when taking account of religious belief.