Time to Abandon the "No Turbans" Policy

April 29, 2004

Source: The Sikh Coalition

On April 29, 2004 The Sikh Coalition issued a press release stating: "The New York City Police Department should adopt the recommendation of an administrative law judge that a Sikh traffic enforcement agent be allowed to wear his turban on the job, the Sikh Coalition said today. Administrative Law Judge Donna Merris recommended yesterday that Jagjit Singh Jaggi, who resigned rather than be forced to wear a hat, be reinstated and allowed to wear a turban while working as a traffic enforcement agent. The judge's recommendation marks a significant step forward in the struggle to ensure Sikhs can serve in the NYPD while maintaining their articles of faith. 'It is time the NYPD abandon its 'no-turbans' policy," said Amardeep Singh, the Sikh Coalition's Legal Director. 'Judge Merris' recommendations should be adopted by the NYPD now. Our community wants to serve the people of New York immediately, not be forced to litigate for another two years.'"

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