Tie a Turban Day in San Antonio, TX

January 24, 2004

Source: San Antonio Express-News


On January 24, 2004 the San Antonio Express-News reported that about 25 Sikh leaders from around the nation gathered in San Antonio last week for a two-day meeting focused on educating both the public and young Sikhs. "Last week's gathering sponsored by the San Antonio-based Sikh Research Institute decided that the two keys to ending that ignorance and discrimination are education and increased community involvement. For example, in November the institute sponsored a 'Tie a Turban Day' at Trinity University during which Sikhs tied turbans on the heads of both men and women visitors. It provided an opportunity to tell the visitors that the turban represents Sikh spiritual values. 'The challenge (in educating non-Sikhs) is to make yourself approachable. It was a fun event, and people were very receptive,' Harinder Singh, the institute's executive director, said. The institute was founded last year to educate the American public about Sikh history, beliefs, customs and values."

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