Tibetan Monks Come to Biloxi for Visit to Vietnamese Temple

October 22, 2004

Source: Sun Herald


On October 22, 2004 Sun Herald reported, "seven Tibetan Buddhist monks from a religious sect known for nonviolent beliefs will be in Biloxi for a week to construct a colorful, intricate sand mandala inside the Buddhist temple, Chua Van Duc. The seven are on a world peace tour they've titled 'Everlasting Peace.' South Mississippians interested in watching the building of the intricate mandala, a sort of blueprint of the wholeness of the universe, or in learning more about one of the world's oldest religions are invited to visit the temple on Oak Street throughout the week. The monks from Gaden Shartse, a Buddhist monastic university in northern India, arrive Monday, will finish the sand mandala in six days, and on Oct. 31 will conduct The Great Ceremony, which includes a sweeping away of the mandala."