Through Abraham's Sacrifice, Faith Leaders Find Healing

May 1, 2004

Source: The Sacramento Bee

On May 1, 2004 The Sacramento Bee reported, "Sunday, Sacramento area faith leaders will discuss Abraham's sacrifice and what it means at a special program sponsored by the Children of Abraham. 'We'll each talk about his sacrifice, but let's face it, we're not going to resolve the issue,' says Imam Metwalli Amer, chairman of SALAM, the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims. 'So what we're going to focus on is what the sacrifice means. Particularly, what are we willing to sacrifice?' Children of Abraham is an interfaith group formed last year to promote dialogue among faith groups in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001. 'We are a group of people who want to break down the walls of misunderstanding,' says Dexter McNamara, president of the Interfaith Service Bureau. Through these connections comes greater understanding, says McNamara. 'And what better connection do we have than Abraham?'"