Three Religious Leaders of Sikh Faith Visits California

May 2, 2003

Source: The Appeal-Democrat

On May 2, 2003 The Appeal-Democrat reported that "three of the five holiest religious leaders of the Sikh faith, who are touring the United States, visited the Yuba-Sutter [CA] area Thursday... Singh Sahib Giani Joginder Singh Vaidanti, who occupies the highest seat in the Sikh faith, told about 50 men, women and children in a Yuba City home that Sikh religion and heritage must be maintained... The Punjabi language must be kept alive in families along with English, and men should wear their turbans, a symbol of distinction and good deeds, with pride, Vaidanti said. People should unite each other with love and compassion instead of using force, he said... Vaidanti is similar to the pope in the Catholic religion. He and the other religious leaders, Singh Sahib Giani Tarlochan Singh and Giani Ranjit Singh, are on a mission in the United States... They are commemorating the 400th anniversary of the holy scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib, in 2004, starting early to motivate the Sikh community and relate to them the significance of the holy scriptures and the values the Sikh faith teaches."