Three Muslim Medical Students Detained and Released

September 16, 2002

Source: Yahoo News

On September 16, 2002 Yahoo News reported that "a Miami hospital says it no longer wants the three Muslim medical students who were detained for 17 hours after a woman said she overheard them discussing terror plans. The men later said the incident was simply a misunderstanding... The medical school where the men are studying, Ross University, had agreed to transfer them to a different training program.... Kambiz Butt, 25, said Sunday that he and Ayman Gheith, 27, and Omar Choudhary, 23, simply want to clear their names and be allowed to continue their education in the United States... 'We're medical students. We are not terrorists,' Butt said, flanked by Gheith and Choudhary. 'Our concern in life is to become doctors. We want to help people. We do not want to hurt'... All three are U.S. citizens."