Three Buddhist Temples Attacked With Explosives

May 16, 2004

Source: Reuters

On May 16, 2004 Reuters reported, "Bomb blasts rocked three Buddhist temples in Thailand's troubled Muslim south on Sunday, wounding at least one person in the latest violence to hit the restive region, police said. The temples, located in three separate districts of Narathiwat province, were hit by bombs within minutes of each other. One temple suffered damage to its roof and pillars. 'Three temples were attacked with explosives,' said Police Major General Kathane Kochapalayuk. A bystander was slightly wounded outside one temple. Authorities declined to speculate on the motive for the attacks, the first major incident in the region since security forces killed 108 Muslim militants who attacked police outposts across three southern provinces on April 28. Many within the predominantly Muslim local community were outraged at what they said was an excessive use of force. The bloodiest fighting of that day occurred when soldiers and police stormed a historic mosque in the southern town of Pattani and killed 32 militants hiding inside."