Thousands Pay Homage to Buddha

May 2, 2007

Source: The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The scent of burning joss sticks filled the air in Buddhist temples around the country as thousands of devotees paid homage to Buddha on Wesak Day.

At the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields here yesterday, devotees sought blessings from monks and tied yellow threads around their wrists meant to protect and bless them at all times.

The street leading to the temple was a hive of activity, with stalls selling flowers, drinks and food as well as volunteers collecting donations for welfare and children’s homes.

An exhibition titled amarekha displaying wooden sculptures of the various postures of Buddha from Sri Lanka was also held at one of the halls in the temple.

Chief High Priest of Malaysia, Ven K. Sri Dhammaratana Nayaka Thera, said the true meaning of Wesak Day was fading with celebrations having more of a carnival atmosphere.