Texas: Wiccan Accuses Pastor of Harassment

August 10, 2003

Source: Austin American-Statesman


On August 10, 2003 the Austin American-Statesman reported that a Wiccan woman leasing a commercial space from a Christian pastor in Kingsland, TX had been "driven out" of the building. Margie Allen, a practitioner of the earth-based religion Wicca, said the Rev. Joann Jackson's decision to end Allen's lease was based on Jackson's hostility toward Allen's beliefs. "[Allen] said people looking in the window of the shop she rented from Jackson saw women sitting in a circle praying and assumed they were Satanists. That happened to be the way they began classes on natural healing techniques or making dream catchers, Allen said. Jackson did not return messages left at her home and church. She told The Associated Press that Allen's religious beliefs had nothing to do with her decision to end the lease. She said she had nothing to do with the harassment."