Texas Muslims Urged to Vote

September 15, 2000

Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

On September 15, 2000, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that in addition to "offering prayers at the mosque, Muslims need to go to the voting booth, organizers of a voter registration drive say...'Our community needs to be more actively involved in the political process,' said Syed A. Ahsani, chairman of the American Muslim Alliance of Texas, which promotes Muslim and pro-Muslim candidates for political office....The local effort, part of the National American Muslim Voter Registration Drive, begins today at three Arlington mosques after congregational prayers....Ahsani, a Pakistani native who lives in Arlington, said Muslims need to recognize that they can contribute to the nation's political discourse....He called upon Muslims to elect officeholders who will support the repeal of the secret evidence clause in the 1996 antiterrorism bill. Ahsani said that under that clause, dozens of people suspected of terroristic activity are being unjustly held without being told what evidence the authorities have against them."