Texas High School Allows Formation of Pagan Club

September 26, 2003

Source: Azle News Online

http://www.azle-news.com/news/get-news.asp?id=2393&catid=1&cpg=get-news. asp

On September 26, 2003 Azle News Online reported that "a [Texas] school district policy that allows student-led religious groups to meet allowed the formation of Azle High School’s first 'pagan' club this year. After a failed attempt to form such a club two years ago, AHS senior Ashleigh Skaggs got permission to form SPELL (Society of Pagans Enlightening Living through Learning) on campus this year. The club held its first two meetings this month and was the subject of a story and editorials in last week’s issue of the Stinger, the student newspaper at AHS. AHS Principal Paul Holliday said the policy supports SPELL’s right to exist as long as it meets before or after school, is formed and led by its student members and is sponsored by a teacher. History teacher David Ruffin signed on as sponsor."

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