Terror Suspect Barred from Teaching at His Islamic School

January 9, 2008

Author: Stewart Bell

Source: National Post


A Federal Court judge has refused to allow an Egyptian man linked to the deadly 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania to teach at the Toronto Islamic school he founded.

The judge also prohibited Mahmoud Jaballah, believed to be a member of the Egyptian Al-Jihad terrorist group, from holding Arabic and Koranic classes in the Toronto home where he is under house arrest.

Immigration authorities are attempting to deport Mr. Jaballah because of his involvement in terrorism. He was released from detention last year under strict conditions but had asked the court to let him return to teaching children at the Um Al Qura School.

The school has 50 students and is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school's Internet site says students are taught Arabic, English "Grammer" [sic], "Frinch" [sic], Math, "Sience" [sic], "Histories" [sic], "Geographies" [sic], Religion and Sports.