Tens of Thousands Expected at Yuba City's Sikh Parade

November 2, 2003

Source: Appeal-Democrat


On November 2, 2003 the Appeal Democrat reported that an estimated 500 to 1,000 Sikhs gathered to observe and participate in a flag ceremony at the Sikh Temple in Tierra Buena in Yuba City on Saturday. "The flag is called Nishan Sahib in Punjabi. The word Nishan means symbol. Hence, Nishan Sahib is a symbol of spirituality and protection, said Harbans Sraon, director of the temple's school. 'When you come here, you'll be provided with food, shelter and protection,' Sraon said. 'It's the temple identity. American flag is different. Canadian flag is different. This is the Sikh flag,' added Northridge resident Harpreet Singh."