Tariq Ramadan to Speak at Canadian Symposium

February 21, 2005

Source: CAIR-Canada Press Release


On February 21, 2005 a CAIR-Canada Press Release reported, "Distinguished Islamic scholar Dr. Tariq Ramadan will be in Ottawa to speak in a three-part symposium on the Ethics of Citizenship, Democracy and the Future of Islam. Dr. Ramadan's visit is organized by Muslim Presence Ottawa, and his final lecture, 'Facing the Common Challenges of the Contemporary World,' is co-sponsored by CAIR-CAN and will feature Riad Saloojee, CAIR-CAN Executive Director, as a guest speaker. Dr. Ramadan was recently named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential thinkers of our time. His most recent book, Western Muslims and the Future of Islam, was listed by the Christian Science Monitor as the best non-fiction book of 2004."