Tariq Ramadan Condemns Bombings, is Condemned

July 25, 2005

Source: The Independent


On July 25, 2005 The Independent reported, "The day the first bombs went off in London, a Swiss academic issued a press release condemning the outrage. 'The authors of such acts are criminals and we cannot accept or listen to their probable justifications in the name of an ideology, a religion or a political cause,' it said. Even though it was signed by a Muslim, Tariq Ramadan, a philosophy lecturer at the University of Geneva and president of the Swiss Muslim Organisation, it received little coverage.

Four days later Tariq Ramadan was brought to the attention of the British public a little more dramatically. The front page of The Sun launched a blistering attack which claimed that Ramadan was 'more dangerous' than extremist clerics like Abu Hamza or Omar Bakri. His moderate tones, the paper said, presented 'an acceptable face of terror to impressionable young Muslims'.

The coverage was shot through with errors and inaccuracies. Other papers repeated the story without checking the facts. The London Evening Standard managed in the space of just 10 short lines to include no less than four mistakes, the most pernicious of which was that Professor Ramadan condoned suicide bombings when he vehemently condemns them."