SYLC Impacts Lives of Sikh Youth

January 8, 2008

Source: India Post News Service

LOS ANGELES: The Sikh Youth Leadership Council (SYLC) is the joint vision of two high school students Japji J. Sethi and Gurbani M. Sethi. The organization was started last year to help young students in junior high, high school and college find mentors in specific careers that students personally identify.

"I reached a point when I had to decide which colleges I wanted to apply to and subsequently which major I wanted to declare," says founder Japji, "I realized that I didn't have enough experience or information in any specific field; well, not enough to make a life-long career decision at least," he says. "So Japji and I came up with the Sikh Youth Leadership Council," continues co-founder Gurbani, "Which would pair students with mentors trained, practicing, and working in the particular careers that students identify as their career of interest".