Survey Shows More Students Embracing Faith

November 3, 2006

Author: Ji-Hye Park

Source: The Daily Colonial

WASHINGTON - If a new study is any indication, students are embracing religion and searching for spirituality.

The study from the October 2006 issue of the Journal of College and Character found that college aged students are becoming increasing involved in spiritual reflection and religious services.

The study, "Inward Journeys: Forms and Patterns of College Student Spirituality," reported that 75 percent of incoming freshmen responding to a survey said that they were searching for a purpose in life, while 80 percent of students said that they were "very interested" in their spirituality. Fifty percent of respondents said that they intended to find religion and spirituality while in college.

Timothy Godfrey, S.J., director of campus ministry, said that he has recognized the trend of rising participation of Georgetown students in religious services and organizations on campus.

"There does seem to be a growing interest of the students here at Georgetown to deepen their faith and spirituality," he said. "It seems students are attracted to opportunities to experience not just their faith but a sense of community as well."

Godfrey said that various campus organizations and services have experienced the trend, referring to rising attendance rates of students at Catholic mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Shabbat services and interfaith services.

Godfrey added that various religious groups, such as the GU Gospel Choir, have increased in membership during the past few years.