Survey Reports Two Moralities, Two Americas

February 13, 2004

Source: Newhouse News Service

On February 13, 2004 Newhouse News Service reported that "results of a recent Zogby poll portray not only separate nations -- the blue states of the upper, outer rim that Al Gore won in 2000 and the red states of the South and heartland won by President Bush -- but also distinct moral world views... The blue states have more singles, college graduates, union members, Catholics, Jews and supporters of gay civil unions, according to the poll, released this month. The red states have more rural dwellers, gun owners, high school sports fans, abortion opponents and born-again Christians... In red America, 57 percent of voters are Protestant, 23 percent Roman Catholic and 1 percent Jewish. In blue America, 37 percent are Protestant, 33 percent Catholic and 4 percent Jewish. 'But here's what blew me away,' said John Zogby, who conducted the poll for Southern Methodist University and the O'Leary Report newsletter. 'Fifty-two percent of red-state voters attend a religious service weekly versus 34 percent of blue-state voters. That's an enormous difference, simply enormous.'"