Support for Store Owner after Discovery of Racial Slur

April 11, 2003

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

On April 11, 2003 the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that "Yehya Omer Saleh traces the neon-green letters someone spray-painted this week on the Dumpster behind Saleh's Delicatessen, the Ballard [WA]-area store that he owns: 'Towl Heads...' After the slur appeared on the Dumpster, the lady who runs the day care next door rushed over with open arms and tears in her eyes. Another woman dashed in and just silently held Saleh's hand... A brute of a guy barged through the door and squeezed him in a bear hug. And the owner of Red Mill burgers dropped by with gift certificates. Even a Mr. and Mrs. Steele from the neighborhood brought over roses with a note: 'Steven, we love you! Do not leave!!!'"