Suffolk, NY Man Creates Replica of Buddhist Temple in Backyard

April 25, 2003

Source: Daily Press

On April 25, 2003 Daily Press reported that "Samuel Glasscock, who has been a Methodist since childhood, began working on the brown and white... [replica of a Buddhist temple], made mostly from wood, about a year ago. He expects it to take another year. When it's done, it will rise about 16 feet. That's not counting the copper finial... The project caps the veteran attorney's longtime fascination with the beauty of Buddhist architecture. Yet, he says, it is more than an effort to bring home the exotic. It is his own quiet monument to what he sees as the common values of all faiths... 'When you look at the best that comes from all religions, they're saying the same thing. I think the common message is that we have some reverence for the divinity, however one describes that, and that we have some love for creation, which covers so many things. It covers people of every race and religion. It covers respect for animals and for the environment. And it covers a desire to live in peace.'"