Study Shows Violence Against Muslims Up 40%

May 3, 2004

Source: The Washington Post

On May 3, 2004 The Washington Post reported, "Muslims in the United States experienced more than 1,000 incidents of alleged harassment, violence and discriminatory treatment in 2003, a jump of 70 percent over the previous year, according to a report to be released today by a major Islamic advocacy group. The report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations attributed the increase to such factors as Muslim-bashing on radio talk shows and tensions surrounding the war in Iraq. The group said it received 1,019 complaints from Muslims last year concerning discriminatory or violent actions, up from 602 the year before. The biggest number of incidents had to do with employment and the refusal to accommodate religious practices. But there were 93 reported hate crimes, more than double the total in 2002. And there were numerous cases in which Muslims alleged that laws were applied to them more harshly because of their ethnic or religious identity."