Study Reveals How Interfaith Families Observe Both Passover and Easter

March 9, 2005

Source: i-Newswire

On March 9, 2005 i-Newswire reported, "although Hanukkah gets more attention, Passover is a more significant holiday for interfaith families, judging by participation levels. According to the Passover Predicament Survey, released today by ( ), an independent non-profit publisher and advocacy membership association, 97 percent of respondents reported participating in Passover celebrations last year compared with 92 percent from an earlier study who said they participated in Hanukkah celebrations. The Passover Predicament Survey, which fielded responses from 186 people nationwide in Feb. 2005, was designed to understand how people in interfaith families celebrate their own and their partners’ holidays and to gain insight into those celebrations. The survey respondents were self-selected, and 77 percent of the respondents who said they had children raised them as Jews, in comparison to the 33 percent reported in the National Jewish Population Survey 2000-2001. While the survey is not representative of all interfaith families, it provides important new information about interfaith families who are raising their children as Jews – a very important demographic for Jewish continuity. A similar survey, The December Dilemma Survey, concerning Hanukkah and Christmas, was conducted in Dec. 2004."