Study Highlights Religious Diversity in South Carolina

July 20, 2004

Source: Tribune Times

On July 20, 2004 Tribune Times reported, "According to The Pluralism Project, a study by Harvard University's Committee on the Study of Religion, South Carolina before 1850 was one of the most ethnically diverse states in the union, home to French Huguenots, Swiss Germans, Sephardic Jews, Scotch-Irish, Irish Catholics and Yorubas, all which helped shape the culture. The study cites that after the Civil War, 'South Carolina became one of the most culturally and religiously homogenous states in America,' with the lowest U.S. immigrant population for the century spanning 1850-1950...' Half a century later South Carolina is home to a one of the most religiously diverse states in the nation--part of growing trend sweeping the country."

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