Studies Measure Hindu American Philanthropy in the Diaspora

August 22, 2005

Source: INDOLink

On August 22, 2005 INDOLink reported, "A number of recent studies have focused on the role that Indian-American philanthropic organizations play in promoting social development and goodwill both in America as well as in India. For example, Priya Anand’s study, presented last year at the International Society for Third Sector Research, concludes that while temples in the United States help preserve and sustain Hindu religion and culture, they are limited in terms of their philanthropy to their immediate environments. On the other hand, Hindu religious movements such as Chinmaya Mission provide several faith-based outreach programs both in India and the US. The study found that the services offered by various groups range between the typical (education, healthcare, relief) and atypical (rural development, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, income generation, women's empowerment). Fundraising activities of these institutions also vary with groups like VedaVyasa Foundation that approach it in a strategic manner while other groups like the Sathya Sai Baba Movement and the Ramakrishna Mission do not solicit funds."