Students Play Learning Game About Religious Centers, Commemorate 9/11

September 12, 2004

Source: Channel News Asia

On September 12, 2004 Channel News Asia reported, "They call it the 9-11 Amazing Race, although it is not taking place in New York but at Bedok North in Singapore. They are teams taking part in Saturday's Racial Harmony Amazing Race organised by the South East Community Development Council... The game requires contestants to cover various checkpoints at different places of worship in the east, and answer questions along the way... Not only do they have to run fast, they also think fast and answer the questions given to them at each station and then quickly figure out the clues for their next station. And the teams accumulated points for each correct answer. 'The holy book is kept in the glass room at the second level of the temple.' Sabirah binte Mohd Idria said: 'The purpose is actually for students, whether it is primary school or secondary to know more about every religion that we have in Singapore, for example, Sikhism itself is a very small religion in Singapore and not many people know a lot about it.' And students learnt values like filial piety at a Buddhist temple.