Students Advocate for Interfaith Meditation Room at De Anza College

April 24, 2006

Source: La Voz Weekly

On April 24, 2006 La Voz Weekly reported, "Despite all the facilities and programs that De Anza College has to offer, some students feel that the campus is missing one thing: a place to pray and meditate. Scott McDonough, the secretary of De Anza's World Peace Buddhist club, is one of the major supporters of designating an interfaith meditation room on campus. McDonough, who has been a practicing Buddhist for 30 years, says the idea of building an interfaith room on campus stemmed from a conversation he had with a member of the Muslim Student Association after De Anza's Day of Rememberance in February. According to the group's Web site, the room would be designated for 'an indoor, centrally located, distraction-free space on the De Anza Campus for the purpose of contemplation, meditation, stress reduction and mindfulness.' Proponents of the room are seeking to have it built into the remodeled Campus Center, which is scheduled to open in the fall."