Stockton City Council to Consider Landmark Status for 90-Year-Old Gurdwara

April 1, 2004

Source: The Modesto Bee

On April 1, 2004 The Modesto Bee ran an Associated Press, "The Stockton Sikh Temple -- the first in the nation -- has been a gathering place for California's Sikh population for 90 years. Now the city is considering recognizing the temple's role by designating it a historic landmark. The society that oversees temple functions asked the City Council to consider during a meeting this week a request that the site be considered a historic landmark. Since its establishment, the temple has played a pivotal role in the life of the county's 10,000 Sikhs as well as Sikhs throughout the state and nation. Sikh migration into the United States from India's Punjab region began in 1899. The Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society also has asked the state to add the site to the National Register of Historic Places."

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