Statistics Show Ties Between Religion and Political Outlook

March 22, 2004

Source: The Toledo Blade

On March 22, 2004 The Toledo Blade published an article on the importance of religion in the upcoming presidential election. In the article, John Zogby, an independent pollster, says that "his polling data shows that Democrats are less apt to be weekly churchgoers than Republicans, and that there is a strong relationship between those who go to church frequently and those who go to the polls to vote. Mr. Zogby contends that religion has become a major divisive force in American politics. Red states - those that voted for Bush in 2000- and blue states - those that voted for Al Gore -have diverse outlooks on religion, he says... He found that 52 percent of red-state voters attend a place of worship at least once a week compared with 34 percent of blue-state voters who do. Just over four out of 10 red-state voters call themselves conservatives compared with three out of 10 blue-state voters who say they are conservatives."