Statement from W&M President Gene R. Nichol

February 28, 2007

Author: Gene R. Nichol

Source: Daily Press,0,6698601.story?track=mostemailedlink

Gene R. Nichol, president of the College of William and Mary, issued the following statement:

I am heartsick to learn of this decision. It represents a serious setback to the College. And while I know it is intended to make a policy statement, ultimately it only hurts our students.

Diversity, including religious diversity, remains a core value of this institution. It requires that the College be open and welcoming to all; that all religious traditions, here, be placed on an equal footing. The core values of the College cannot be for sale.

We welcome continued discussion and examination of how religious diversity should be reflected in our practices and policies. The Board and I are optimistic that the Committee process already underway will consider the Wren Chapel issue in a thoughtful and deliberate manner and offer recommendations by mid-April.