Sri Lankan International Student at Wichita State University Improves Buddhist Practice

May 27, 2005

Source: Wichita Eagle

On May 27, 2005 the Wichita Eagle reported, "She came to the United States from Sri Lanka two years ago with two bags in hand and her parents' words --'Do your studies first, then you can do what you like' -- in her heart. Like the majority of Sri Lankans in Wichita, Asanka Fernando, now 24, is part of Wichita State University's international student body. Fernando has a zest for undertaking new experiences but is learning as an opinionated young woman that adapting doesn't always mean accepting -- especially in matters of faith. She said she couldn't find a Buddhist temple in Wichita that practiced Buddhism as she was used to practicing in Sri Lanka. So Fernando created her own religious sanctuary in her apartment using candles and a Buddha."