Sri Ganesha Temple in Utah

January 18, 2003

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

On January 18, 2003 The Salt Lake Tribune reported that "Utah's Hindus are celebrating a plentiful harvest... This is the time of Pongal, a kind of Indian Thanksgiving, and many families on Wednesday cooked new rice, sugar cane, dry fruits and milk in a new clay pot, purposely letting the frothy mixture boil over to symbolize their good fortune... Most celebrated in their homes, surrounded by family and friends, but a small group gathered at the soon-to-be completed Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple and India Cultural Center in South Jordan... Utah's Hindu population is relatively small, only 400 families, and American habits require them to hold big dinners in the evening, rather than mid-afternoon as they would in India... But as much as possible, these families try to continue their Indian traditions and festivals. And the temple, which they hope will become a central gathering place for all Utah Hindus, is a vital step in maintaining their identity."